Rather like the way that Hubble Space Telescope has made a significant contribution to astronomy in enabling astronomers to discover the hidden structure of our distant universe, educational technology has allowed knowledge to become viewable and tangible for learners and allowed innovative teaching inside and outside classrooms.”  (Abdelfatah 2011) (Abdelfatah 2016)

Educational Technology in Brief. By: Dr. Hussein Abdelfatah

Educational Technology in Brief. By: Dr. Hussein Abdelfatah

Abdelfatah, H., M. A. (2016).
Cyber Learning from Reality through Virtuality to Holoportation: Status-quo and A Proposed Model for Closing the Gap in Africa. Presented at the Africa New Perspectives, Cairo University, Egypt.

Abdelfatah, H. (2011). A story-based dynamic geometry approach to improve attitudes toward geometry and geometric proof. ZDM. Springer Science + Business Media. doi: 101007/s11858-011-0341-6 [Source]

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