What do we know about the virus transmitted through water? (Extratv report)

Not a lot we do know the CDC just issue recommendations for aquatic facilities, and so they’re largely talking about pools or jacuzzis with that or treat in treated water with


fluorine bromine kept at a certain ph those ingredients those chemicals generally kill almost anything, but we haven’t formally studied coronavirus viability and saltwater and freshwater now the all-important race


but the vaccine the pharmaceutical company has already had success with their early trials are moving onto the next phase of trials on the vaccine are they the most promising they want to read that are really eat right now on they’re using a type of vaccine strategy


actually, the idea is to get your body to make the viral component so that we can develop an antibody response to it, but we also have to put that into perspective and be realistic with our hopes about that vaccine


the development process in history the fastest vaccine ever made took four years yeah we can’t cut corners when it comes to studies that involve safety as well as advocacy is the last significant coronaviruses


and murderers never actually got their vaccine is that because they went away, and so we didn’t need to and is this coronavirus showing that it’s stronger and will likely not go away, so we got to finish the job you’re a hundred percent


SARS largely petered out, and they had done so much work on that vaccine development that it’s actually given this vaccine development a massive head start so that’s something in the good column however it’s


they don’t know what will happen to this virus either and while it’s unlikely to disappear the difference between this virus and SARS is this is very transmissible but less deadly, SARS was much more just.

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