South of the border COVID-19 numbers are surging in Florida yesterday the state reported its highest daily case count since the pandemic started and some are blaming the governor these other tributes

people who don’t want to wear masks and don’t want to follow the CDC Florida reporting and twenty-one thousand new cases yesterday the number of new infections jumped fifty percent just this past week, Florida accounts for about one-fifth of all

new cases in the United States and many businesses amusement parks and resorts are now asking visitors to wear mouth, some are making it mandatory joining us with more on this infectious disease ah

it is infectious diseases specialist excuse me and distinguished professor of health at the University of South Florida Thomas new Nash thank you for your time today we always appreciate it mister you Nash’s in Tampa, Florida so let’s start with this

what are you seeing in terms of code infections in Florida and how’s it really comparing to the other parts of the United States as well I started to see about three weeks ago is that we adults will law see a defining face, some that were hard for

and since then the numbers have been increasing at a credibly dramatic rate the fastest that I’ve seen since I began looking at this back last summer all right now the epidemic on numbers the daily case arms are doubling once every ten to twelve

which I’m which is what you mentioned before we have twenty-one thousand cases twenty-one thousand six hundred and eighty-three act play yesterday offers are reporting from Friday which is a new record for daily case numbers that have been recorded out of the town in the state of Florida and

it looks to me like there is really no end in sight this is going to continue probably for other several weeks before we actually reach the peak and the interaction by thinking the biggest question is why is this happening I think there are three re she saw, first, ah the governor’s

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